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Corporate Overview


Coal Beneficiation


Coal beneficiation is a process whereby low-grade coal is treated to enhance its physical and chemical properties. Moreover, rocks, dirt, sulphur, ash and other unwanted minerals are also removed during the process to improve the quality of coal.


Saraogi Udyog has tie-ups with various coal washeries, where the Company supplies low grade coal to enhance its quality and performance. The, beneficiated coal is then transported to the respective clients.


Coal conversion to coke


Coke is a solid carbonaceous residue derived from low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal from which the volatile constituents are driven off by baking in an oven without oxygen at high temperatures.


Coke being a derivative of coal finds application in a wide range of industries as an important chemical reagent.


Saraogi Udyog has strategically tied-up with Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL), a merchant coke oven plant. The Company has a long term agreement with DPL for conversion of coking coal to LAM coke to the tune of 3 lakh metric tonnes per annum.

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